The brand new t-shirts commemorating the old Grissom High School are finally here! These shirts will look great on you and bring back many memories of the "Original Grissom High School." They are comfort colors t-shirts and are $20 each (including shipping).

If you would like one, the order form is below. Print it out and mail it to the new Grissom.


Email address ___________________________________

Cell phone number ___________________

Mailing address _______________________________________________________________

Sizes S_____ M____ L____ XL____ XXL________

Total number of shirts _________ Total Amount Paid $________

Please make checks out to: Grissom Greenpower

Postmark orders by August 1, 2017

Put orders and checks in Christopher Faust’s mailbox in the front office. Thanks so much for your support!

Chris Faust

Grissom High School

1001 Haysland Rd

Huntsville, AL 35802